Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reunion of Hearts

Come over here to me;
Meet me in the middle.
I need to breathe in your scent,
to run my fingers over your smooth skin
and through your soft tufts of hair.
With our eyes closed,
just laying there.

I yearn for this reunion of hearts
and wait for the setting sun;
I watch the hours tick slowly by,
agonizing with deep sighs.
How much longer must I wait?
I need to feel at home, and safe,
the way I feel in your embrace.

Come over to me now;
It has been far too long.
Let me look upon you and
take in everything about you I can.
I want to memorize you forever,
remember every blemish, every hair;
I want to get lost in the maze of your icy stare.

Every moment that passes without you here,
the demons get closer and threaten my mind...
You must come home to me
and fold me up against your body.
Protect me from the nightmares in my mind
and please do not ever leave me
For you were so very hard to find.