Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reunion of Hearts

Come over here to me;
Meet me in the middle.
I need to breathe in your scent,
to run my fingers over your smooth skin
and through your soft tufts of hair.
With our eyes closed,
just laying there.

I yearn for this reunion of hearts
and wait for the setting sun;
I watch the hours tick slowly by,
agonizing with deep sighs.
How much longer must I wait?
I need to feel at home, and safe,
the way I feel in your embrace.

Come over to me now;
It has been far too long.
Let me look upon you and
take in everything about you I can.
I want to memorize you forever,
remember every blemish, every hair;
I want to get lost in the maze of your icy stare.

Every moment that passes without you here,
the demons get closer and threaten my mind...
You must come home to me
and fold me up against your body.
Protect me from the nightmares in my mind
and please do not ever leave me
For you were so very hard to find.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Beyond the Disease

I am not the things that I have done.
I am not the way that I have acted.
I am not the words that I have spoken.
None of those things are me.
It was only me
by the disease.

I alone
I am energy
and light and compassion
I am good intentions.
I am love and I am life.
I am the smallest
and biggest
particle in this great Universe.
I am the sum of all of these things and
I am nothing.

I was created
with a lotus flower heart,
to be open and to heal
To nurture.
I was created to do more.

I have to break through
the shadows,
beyond the disease.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Good Versus Evil

Part I: Good

When it is just him and I
The things I will do are limitless,
my only goal is to please,
to watch that devious grin wash over his face
and know that I have done well
and he is close.

I give in to his power and force,
happily allow him to overtake me in every way.
I sigh and moan as he presses his weight against me,
shiver under the staccato kisses he bestows upon me:
lips, neck, bosom, stomach, thighs
and what's inside.

My desire is to be devoured,
and he delivers deeply
thrusting as I dig my nails into his skin,
surrendering and submitting to his every movement,
his every request is my desire to fulfill
I shake for him while he showers my face in his love.

He is mine and I am his;
our bodies are proof in the way they fold
and mold and become one whole.
When he is inside my warmth and embrace
He is mine,
I am his.

Part II: Versus Evil

When it is just me and me alone
My mind projects the paranoid possibilities
of my overplayed obsession;
I am poisoned and plagued
by visions of temptations too great
for his hungry desire to deny.

This place is filled with sin and
it's seeping out from within.
Beautiful women with abandon and bored
Find games in seeking out men's attention
and flirtatiously arousing
even those with purest of intentions.

I envision him ensnared by the
seductions of another, bestowing endless kisses
upon foreign lips, necks, bosoms, thighs,
and worse.
I envision him making someone else shake
and showering her in adulterous love.

The thought of him not being mine
is what keeps me up at night:
these paranoid phantoms I create in my mind.
It makes me sick with psychosis
to think of him entering another
after already claiming and devouring me whole.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

To Bloom Again

I wish to disconnect with the me of yesterday
To let go of any past associations with myself
All of your impressions
and judgments,
all of my actions,
all experiences,
all reminders of before
this present moment.

I wish to live in this present moment:
To sit still in meditation
and feel the past shed from my being
like a second skin
I no longer need
or want.

It is letting go;
the art of detachment.
I wish to participate.

Time to move on,
and transform.

photography: Liz Collier (Me)