Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Holding Time

Holding Time

Holding time in our hands
Holding our breath
Holding back tears
Holding hands
Holding hope in our hearts
Holding memories of you
Holding tight to one another
Holding tighter to you
Holding every moment (like it may be our last)
Holding time in our hands
...Wanting to hold on to you forever.

A little over a month ago my father-in-law's eyes turned yellow. A few days later, his skin turned a yellowish hue, too. On June 23rd, he went to the ER. Within a week or two, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Cholangiocarcinoma. After running countless tests, the doctors determined the cancer was inoperable and that radiation and chemotherapy were not even options we should consider by that point. "Death is imminent," the doctors told us. About a week and a half ago we brought him home with hospice care. On Sunday, my fiance and I had a small wedding ceremony so that his father would be able to see it before he passed. Today, my beautiful father-in-law was given peace and passed on the next life.

In the midst of driving back and forth from the hospital and caring for this extraordinary man in his last month, I wrote a poem that expresses a little piece of what my family has been going through during this difficult time. My father-in-law once read an article I wrote about his son (my husband) that moved him to tears. I hope he likes this one just as much. 

Every day is a blessing. Every moment you spend with someone you love is a moment to treasure. Do not ever forget to acknowledge that. Always make sure your loved ones know that they are loved.

Daddy, this one is for you.