Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Death of May Blossom


I was born of a fiery flower
and upon flowers I did live and slumber
until one day I was taken away
from my tiny life and my mother.
It was a terrible fate to be so tiny
Always at the mercy of another
scooped up and forced to take a lover,
though I had no affection for any of my suitors.

The fish, the birds, and the butterfly
saved me and led me away from my demise
I found shelter with a field mouse
but even she tried to push me out of her house:
“Marry the mole,” she suggested to me.
I befriended the sparrow and he helped me to flee.

We flew away and landed upon a flower
The sparrow lived in one and I had to find another
A flower of my own I did spy and so
down to the flower I did fly,
but a tiny man was living inside!
Just imagine my surprise,
to find another person so tiny in size.

Tiny people inhabited each flower,
but the people had wings and thus, power.
At last, I received my own set of wings,
my independence to move
safely from flower to flower.
I lived communally amongst the fairies
and to a tiny man, I got married.

The bliss could only last, but so long.
One day, the air got thick, like smog.
The enemy had come and they wore strange masks
I knew that something was wrong.
They sprayed from their hoses a poisonous gas…
Little did I know that that breath I took
would be my last.
And there in the distance
sat Jesus on a hill of green.
Brown and blond dreadlocks
with a headband of flowers.
Leaves gliding down from giant trees
all around
Dancing, beautiful balls of light
I joined the fairies in eternal flight.
                                                (Based on the fairytale of Thumbelina)