Thursday, May 14, 2015

Daily Demons

Early every morning,
the daily demons,
they attack.
Physical, painful,
I have to get these demons
off my back.

They get inside my head,
run around lighting little fires
in my brain.
Fear, hate, insecurity,
anger, jealousy
deep dark depression.

The demons control my blood;
they weaken it, make me pale,
and make me sick.
Dizziness, fainting,
small seizures.
These demons exhaust me.

It was such a heavy price to pay,
to get these demons
off my back.
First, they will take you up so high,
but they never warn you
of how far you will fall when you come down:
a screaming, wailing, clawing back
...a heart attack.

To get out of hell,
I must travel back through;
It's never-ending
the head never stops throbbing
the stomach never stops aching
the eyes never stop closing
the demons always jump back
on my back.